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Social Security Disabilities Benefits

Thanks to Gabrielle from The Simple Dollar, a website dedicated to conducting data driven and unbiased research about topics with the goal of helping make an impact in people's lives for these website links:

The Simple Dollar team spent weeks reviewing the US Social Security Administration's documentation to develop their 2016 Disability Benefit Guide. This guide breaks down qualifications and the application process, as well as a calculator that can help estimate monthly and annual benefits.

Assisted Living Research Institute is an industry-leading research organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults by compiling comprehensive research, the latest studies, and real-world insight from experts, caregivers, and seniors into easy-to-understand, actionable guides and resources.

New guide to benefits, helpful resources, and discounts for people with disabilities: 60+ Discounts, Health Care Resources, and Helpful Programs for People with Disabilities.

You can find the full guide here:

In it, an updated, definitive list of all the government and private sector benefits for the disabled, a list of health insurance and medical device savings (among a slew of other discounts), and even a list of college scholarships. New for 2018, is a section of helpful apps for people with disabilities, like Access Earth and Be My Eyes.

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This guide by aims to help make the federal grants available to seniors, veterans, and disabled people much easier to understand and take advantage of, particularly for remodeling homes for accessibility.

Home Remodeling and Modifications for People with Special Needs

Website covers Federal Laws, Federal Resources, Planning, Designing, Remodeling, Costs, Funds, plus additional information for College Students and Renters.

Thank you Keri Evans for this great link

Renters? Rights and Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities

Best Vocational Training Programs for Disabled in 2018

College Resources for Students with Disabilities: Best Colleges, Gov't Programs, Scholarships & Helpful Apps

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