Sports Injuries

Concussion in Sports

This pamphlet from the American College of Sports Medicine provides information on what may cause a concussion as well as the symptoms to look out for.

HEADS UP to Youth Sports:

Online Training Launch the HEADS UP Course

Coaches and Parents: Changing the Culture of Concussion Starts With You!

Player or Participant

- The Concussion Awareness Training Tool ((CATT) is a series of online educational modules and resources with the goal of standardizing concussion recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Take Action Now To Mandate Nationwide Concussion Awareness Training

Online Petition: Concussion Protocol Training

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Keep Your Head About You And Keep Your Kid from Losing Theirs

This resource provides a wealth of information on the impact traumatic brain injuries has on youth and professional athletes, as well as a call to action on how to make contact sports safer for everyone.

Living with Brain Injury

This guide from the Brain Injury Association of America discusses what functions of the brain are impacted as a result of TBI.

Concussion Toolkit for Parents, Players and Coaches

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool provides a wealth of information on how to provide support to children who have suffered a concussion. HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training This online course from the CDC offers student athletes, parents, coaches and educators the opportunity to learn a broad range of TBI topics, including how to prevent and respond to these injuries.

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