According to the Center for Disease Control, traumatic brain injury (TBI) contributes to over 2 million ( emergency room visits each year. TBIs can lead to serious cognitive and motor issues, often for the rest of a personís life.

Alternative Therapies for TBI

Tips for Improving Fine Motor Skills /PhysicalChallenges/Tips-for-Improving-Fine-Motor-Skills_UCM_309776_Article.jsp

Head Injuries May Raise Chances of Risky Behavior by Teens gers/

The Guide to Securing Life-Long Accommodations for Adult Children with Special Needs ns-for-adult-children-with-special-needs.html

10 Ways You Can Help a Loved One Cope With Their Traumatic Brain Injury with-their-traumatic-brain-injury_b_7957926.html

Couplesí Relationships after Traumatic Brain Injury

Meeting the Challenge of Inclusion for Students with Emotional Disabilities

How to Talk to Your Boss About Mental Health Issues ow-to-talk-to-your-boss-about-mental-health-issues

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